Trust the Process

Three words that often tell my clients, trust the process. In fact, I give them this information at the beginning of our time together. It goes something like this, “There will be times that it will get rough, there will be times that you may not like me, that’s okay, I’ll still be right here with you through this process. But, you have to keep doing the work and you have to trust the process.” It’s a tough pill to swallow knowing that what we are going through will somehow help or make us better people. The problem is that it’s hard to see the other side while we are IN the journey.

What does “the process” look like? The process can look like discouragement, being overwhelmed, sadness, loneliness, questioning your decision making, questioning God, thinking if you switched up your prayers a certain way He would hear you better and answer your prayer, wondering if you’re good enough; the process could be you crying over what seems like small things because very little thing has added to your pain, wondering if something is wrong with you because people make you feel that you “should be over it”, or the process could simply be not knowing what to do next.  The process is the line between points A and B.

Usually, at this point in the article, I would be providing you with steps or a list of things to do or expect to help along this journey. Sorry to disappoint you today. The fact is that it looks different for all of us. We can’t get lost in wanting to complete specific steps or looking at what worked for others.

Sweetheart, this is personal. 

What works for someone else, no matter how close you may be to them, may not work for you. Not only do you have to know that, you have to be okay with it. Should we have those to help support, guide and encourage us along the way, absolutely! At the end of the day please know, to thine own self be true (with God)!

My favorite person in the Bible is David, I will often use him as an example. I love David because he was a hot mess, like myself, but he had the heart to please God. David was anointed to be king (I Samuel 16) YEARS before he actually became king (2 Samuel 1-5). In the meantime, David was out in the fields, playing the harp for King Saul, running for his life from King Saul, and being a mighty warrior. At some point during this process, I’m sure David was like, “Hey Samuel, holla at ya boy…” The process takes time! Be patient with yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Be in touch with the one that created you.

No, there is no magic key or answer. What I can tell you is that when you get in the word you will see that people have been struggling since the beginning of time, but God’s love is unfailing! Seek good counsel (it’s biblical) and be aware of those whom you expose yourself to during this time. Everyone will not make it through the process with you. That’s okay. Your journey isn’t for everyone!

Much Love,

Ms. Jackson

P.S. the photo is by Jarrod


2 thoughts on “Trust the Process

  1. Shirley Gooden says:

    Trust the process! For just a few words this is sometimes extremely tough. Right now, I’m trusting the process on my weight loss journey. Some days I say what’s the use. This is toooo hard. I’m starving literally and other days I just glide through. For the tough days, I just hang on and envision how excited, cute and amazingly accomplished that I will be when I reach my goal. I’m one that has to see progress. So I work to see a weekly loss no matter how small, it’s a must for me. It keeps me pedaling forward. Most of the good thinks that I have accomplished have been a process. Days turn into weeks and weeks to months and months to years. I can always look back and say thank God for my journey. Yes, JJ it’s a process. One last think☝🏾 Since I know that my goals and aspirations are a process. I can accept the fact that other people go through the same thing and encourage and lift them up in their process. That’s what makes the world go round!!!


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