Rerouting your destiny

Raise your hand if you have at any point in your life thought you had it all figured out. Seriously, you knew what you wanted to do, what it would take to get there, and most importantly, the exact time in which you wanted to reach this destination. Okay, now let’s all take a moment to laugh at our foolishness! Hahahaha! How dare we think we have it all figured out? I have been through enough in life to know yes, having a plan is important, but we have to be able to go with the flow and be willing to change the idea of how we think something should be in our lives.

What does it take for us to realize that it’s time for us to change directions, reroute to our destination? This is not a cop-out to use when feeling frustrated about where you are in your journey. If you need clarification about that checkout Trust the Process. Rerouting is often very frustrating itself. The frustration may stem from jolt you felt when you concluded that you have to make a change. This jolt is a painful realization that what we want is not for us, and the crazy part is that sometimes WE ALREADY KNOW but we are willing to settle! I’ll be real enough to say that I have been willing to settle for something “in the meantime” rather than trusting that what I really want will happen. Y’all know what happened? God hit me with that rerouting plan! Hahaha! I have to laugh about it now, but at the time my attitude and frustration were real!

Change is scary. Yes, I know. Change is also inevitable. While attending a conference this weekend one of the speakers spoke about overcoming fear. What she shared really hit home with me; there will always be fear present when going to the next level. Nothing new, I know, but for some reason at that particular time, it was a profound statement. Applying this fear concept to rerouting our life is essential because we MUST be able to let go of the control we THINK we have in our life! Control is an illusion! Generally speaking, we misappropriate control in certain areas of our lives due to the lack of control in other parts.

Let’s take this down from the grand idea of our goals to our day to day interactions. In therapy, specifically from a relational point of view, we (the therapist) look at the interactional patterns within the relationship. We (the therapist) try to help see where the interaction goes south, how our clients are interpreting what’s happening, and depending on the theory being applied, make changes within the interactions that will produce a different outcome. Sometimes, in defense of our actions, we’ll say, “I know if I said this then they will say this and then we will end up arguing again.” First of all, that’s a cognitive distortion called jumping to conclusions; secondly, we have to be willing to switch it up in order to get different results.

Jesus was a hero at doing things differently. John 4 gives us the account of the woman at the well. Before we talk about the major changes he made for this woman, let’s first address that fact that he made a choice to go through Samaria. There’s some historical significance to why the Jews avoided going through Samaria. We won’t go through the entire history lesson, just know that during that time Jews would add more time to their journey to the other side by going around Samaria rather than going through Samaria. Jesus rerouted the journey, he decided to go through Samaria because he knew changes were going to take place in his rerouting.

If we say that we are trusting God for things in our life, then why do we feel the need to take things into our own hands? As our father, he gives us a gentle rerouting at times and thank God he does because imagine the level of hot mess we would be without his redirection.  Jeremiah 10:24 states, “So correct me, LORD, but please be gentle. Do not correct me in anger, for I would die.” Just as we give our children gentle nudges in the right direction when they are off track, God does the same thing with us. It is up to us to submit.

P.S. The scripture is from the New Living Translation.Thank you to my friend for listening to me talk about a messed up situation when this rerouting idea came to me! Also, please feel free to leave feedback. I love comments. Don’t be selfish, share this post on your social media page! Let your friends in on the goodness! Lastly, the pic is by NeONBRAND

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